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Technology has really made things easy for us, it has enabled us to communicate faster, transfer information across the globe in seconds and pay for services without having to leave our couches. Nowadays if you want to know how to bake a cake there are instructions on the internet, there are directions on google maps among other helpful information that makes our lives easier and more fun.

However, this great power that technology has accorded us can be used to do bad things, to steal from people, to steal important information that is going to be manipulated to do bad things. Thieves know more about us because we let them by posting a lot of our personal details on social media pages plus pictures of us with expensive stuff that we have bought and when we are robbed we blame others when it was all on us for ignorance and carelessness.

It is important that we be safe when we do our businesses and we are going to discuss some of the ways that this can be achieved. First mistake that many people do is writing passwords on paper or on note books so that they cannot forget them, it is easy for a person to see it accidentally and this means that all the confidential information and cash you have stored could be stolen.

People need to stay connected to the internet to do most of their work and public Wi-Fi is a cheap way to do so but it is also a trap that is set by data thieves who gain access to your accounts and data when you are connected to that network so be sure to avoid it unless you have a VPN. If you ever come across a USB drive do not be tempted to put it in your computer to find out what is in it because this is another common trap, usually malware that is designed to destroy your computer or steal sensitive information is installed and sometimes it may contain viruses.

Backing up your data is very important because it will prevent you from paying large amounts of money in ransom when some cyber attackers steal your important files, information and data and threaten you to pay up or else they delete it all. Educating your staff and employees so that they are adequately trained to deal with threats when they appear and follow all the procedures and regulations regarding safety of information.

When you are using shared networks it is advisable that you use on screen keyboards which hackers cannot access with tools that record keystrokes and later allow them to gain access to your system. When setting passwords make sure that you make them strong by using very unique combinations that are very hard to crack. Change your passwords regularly and it will be hard to crack them.

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